Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: relatively uneventful

So this is the day where we're supposed to think about the rest of the year, in anticipation of taking the the time tomorrow (sometimes we simply love alliteration) to determiner what we should do in the next. The Year of Our Lord 2014 is slipping away. His Year of 2015 beckons.

Well, what of 2014? For some reason this morning there doesn't seem to have been much which sticks to our mind. It was the year of at least an increased attention to police shootings and other actions, for most of which the officers involved were exonerated. All the whole, this is right and just quite frankly. Generally speaking, when there is a case of the cops against any given assailant, back the cops. It's safe to say that in the vast majority of police-citizen disputes the police and not the perps are in the right. When you invite trouble you simply must not be shocked, nor seriously attempt to insist injustice towards you, when you get it.

We saw this past November a striking rebuke of the President and the Democrats. We always said that it's the liberals and not the conservatives who are the real controllers and that Obamacare is a perfect example of that. Outside of a relative handful of issues it's the leftists who want to boss you around. Ban trans fats and sugared soft drinks. Reign in urban sprawl and encourage public transportation. No oil pipelines and ozone actions days. This is the Democrats rtalking, not the GOP. The November elections were probably the highlight of 2014.

There was a big soccer tournament in Brazil and everyone seemed to care, even the United States. Or did it? We're not really sure. We think it may have only been the fawning over the game or sense of event which made it seem that way, not unlike what it does with our Super Bowl. Nobody cares that much a bout a single game, folks. Most just want the party. There's nothing wrong with that per se of course. But let's call such what they are: reasons to party more than deep felt support for a game or series of games.

You can peruse lists such as this one: if you really want to think more about what we may have missed in 2014. Have at it. We just don't think that 2014 was all that, at least not all that enough to write anymore than what we today have. We now switch gears and look forward to 2015. We might as well. 2014 wasn't much to write home about anyway.

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