Saturday, February 28, 2015

Michael Sam and the Veterans Combine

They, the gay rights advocates, want so much for it to happen don't they? They and their supposedly objective media allies want Michael Sam to become the first openly gay American football player so badly that they simply must play up (no pun intended) any chance he has to get into the NFL. You can read about his latest attempt to enter the manly man's sport here:

Apparently Mr. Sam has been invited to the veterans combine, where players beyond the college draft go for tryouts which might prove them worthy and able of roster spots on American football teams. And he has to make it, you know. Someone somewhere must want him because, well, he's gay, and it must be proven that gay guys can be on equal footing with anyone else in everything else.

But why? If he's so comfortable with who he is, what does he have to prove? If the media and the general society are so all right with openly gay men being among them why must there be an openly gay man in the National Football League?

Because they (the media) aren't all that comfortable with who those people are. Nor is Michael Sam all that comfortable with who he is quite frankly. The need to prove one's self is all too often little more than a reflection of an inferiority complex. People comfortable with themselves rarely feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Yet those uncomfortable with themselves are always waving flags and calling attention to themselves. It's because they know deep inside that what they support isn't right.

That's just human to a degree. But it ignores the idea that being too concerned with perception might only make us too aware of our faults. We can't help but suspect that both Michael Sam and the media know in their hearts that they go against the grain not because of their cause but, rather, because they know they are not right about themselves. Because they know that what they support and who they purport themselves to be is something errant. And they can't accept that. They can't accept that they are indeed human and might be wrong. That would subject them to having to rethink and change themselves. It's too much of a blow to their ego to accept the truth: they are indeed human, and could indeed be wrong about their perceptions of themselves.

And here we thought conservatives were so absolutist and unyielding. You learn, if you're truly open to new ideas, something new every day.

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