Saturday, March 7, 2015

All Lives Matter

A young black man has been shot and killed by Madison Wisconsin police. As of this writing it has not been confirmed whether he was or was not armed. That question may or not prove to be of importance in the overall matter.

Tony Robinson was shot and later died, shot apparently at the hands of a Madison police officer. He was described, may we say typically, as not violent. You may read initial reports about the incident here:

We do not know the particulars of the case. Neither do those prone to knee jerk responses of belief in the officers' (and by extention) the government's complicity in this case know where the truth lies. But we will note that very quickly after the incident, protesters had gathered chanting that black lives matter.

Absolutely, they do. Because all lives matter. If Tony Robinson was viciously gunned downed by the local police without cause, then justice demands those guilty stand trial. Yet if he was not, justice demands as well that the officers involved as well as their governmentally emplaced collegues, stand safe from public censure.

Is this a case of overreaction by government employees, or of overreaction by libertarian (or worse) of the politically minded? That question we dare say will never really be asked, because people of every stripe seek to control each situation as it arises. Including us conservatives.

Let us take a breath and wait for details. Then let's pursue the path towards justice. Before that point we should presume that we are all reactionaries, out only for the proof of our philosophies.

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