Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why cry foul on the Lynch nomination?

President Barack Obama has said that it's wrong for Republicans to hold Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch's confirmation subject to negotiation of other political issues. The GOP has delayed her appointment in an attempt to get a vote on human trafficking legislation. Other Democrats have gone even farther. Two, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and Representative G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina have accused Republicans of racism. Ms. Lynch would be the nation's first black Attorney General.

At least the President was considerate enough to dismiss that lame accusation. After all, the GOP passed the Voting Rights Act of 1964, put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, and installed Condolezza Rice as the first black and female Secretary of State. Can't we all finally agree that charges of racism, by and large (for, sadly, there will always be racists of differing stripes because of human frailty), are things of the past? No sane politician of any party these days would or should toss a blanket charge of racism at their opposition as a whole.

Yet charges of obstruction such as the President has aimed at the Republican Senate are nothing more than posturing as is, yes, the GOP's refusal so far to consider Loretta Lynch's nomination. If you're the type to lament this type of gamesmanship, well, you may have a point. But you're barking up a tree.

In Washington, everything's a political football and everyone is trying to be the quarterback. That's just how it is and almost always will be in a Democracy. Short of something on the magnitude of a foreign invasion, you are simply never going to get anything less than bickering. And it will come from every corner. A Republican President will call out a Democratic Senate if it might stall on his or her will exactly as a Democratic President is calling out a Republican Senate today. This is no knock on either Party. It may be a knock on politics in general. But that's no different than lamenting that we must lock our doors. You're kinda wasting your breath.

The President and the Senate leadership are only doing what politicians do. Shut up and get used to it.

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