Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hitler and the Irish

Well, the Irish vote is in, and Ireland has become the first country to allow gay marriage by popular vote. The world is turned upside down and a new order is arisen. So there, traditionalists. A popular vote has gone against your grain and you are proven decisively wrong. Sic semper tyrannis. Count us among the unimpressed. We would like to think that even the most libertarian among us would concede that a simple popular vote cannot make a thing right. We would like to think that even the most libertarian among us would argue that consensus is exactly the wrong way to determine right from wrong. We would like to think that. Yes, we would. Yet we cannot think of anything after this vote except for one man who had this idea that the popular vote was only a tool for his use. We will say his name. Adolf Hitler. So you've won a vote. Congratulations. Your point of view is now validated. The rest of us neanderthals are now fossils. You've triumphed, you've proven yourselves right by the will of the people. Or at least of some people somewhere. We who disagree must now change our ways and manners and your will has been voiced. We are wrong. Yet we can only think of one name. Adolf Hitler. You see, friends, winning a free vote means nothing. It does validate your opinion. It does not mean that you are right an we who disagree, wrong. It does not mean that society has turned a corner. It does not validate evolution as an always forward moving and enlightened process of social or economic science. It certainly does not mean that you are always 'growing', always headed in the 'right' direction. In fact, it means nothing at all, except that a certain group of people under certain circumstances have done something not before done. And we have a comment on that attitude. Adolf Hitler. Because winning an election doesn't mean the outcome was right.

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