Friday, April 8, 2016

Thursday night curling

I think the boys I played with earned this one. They played solid all season, we caught a few breaks, and we end up winning the 3-4 game to claim the (figurative) bronze medal.

Bronze is a nice medal to win. You finish first and everyone says, 'Gold Medal! Way to go!'

When you bronze they say, 'All right! You medaled!'

Yet when you win the silver it's like: what happened? What went wrong?

That's not to disparage this year's silver medalists. They're a great team. They win more often by far than they lose. Often significantly. They certainly deserved to finish ahead of us.

But that's how it goes. And it isn't fair. And we take what we get.

And they won silver. And they deserve better. My congrats are to you boys.

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