Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Things aren't so obvious

We are often told that you can't judge a book by its cover. Sorry, friends, but you almost always can. The whole point of a cover is to give a clue to a book's contents, and in real life, people generally are what you think they are through their actions and appearance.

We are told that the poor don't understand the concept of work, the idea of applying themselves in order to do better for themselves. Yet how quickly do the shovels come out and we find them aggressively going door to door offering to clear our walks after a snowfall. You might notice too that they can find a piece of cardboard and write a sign, to sit by freeway exit ramps and beg for change.

I have been told that a thief does not understand that stealing is wrong. Try stealing something of his; he'll get the point.

I was told in teacher college that all kids can learn and further, that all kids can be reached. But the problem is that many of them don't want either. Some simply will not learn or allow themselves to be touched by education. Not everyone can be helped.

I have been told that high taxes will help us prosper. You know the response to that.

I know that appearances can deceive. Yet just as often they do not. We need to remember that whenever we discuss right, wrong, and responsibility.

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