Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why I don't like Trump

So it's going to be Hillary versus the Donald in November. I can honestly say this is the first Presidential election where I've thought about sitting it out. I won't, because my conscience won't let me. I'll go to the polling place and vote for the Donald. But unless things change dramatically, I will not like it.

The man is the supreme egotist. While I realize that you have to have something of an ego to get into politics at all, I can't escape the feeling that this man is all ego. This is not good. Egotists tend to go the direction which their ego tells them will grant the greatest reward, and to them, the greatest reward is what gives them the greatest (apparent, to them) influence, the highest (apparent, to them) prestige. They will turn on a dime if it suits them. Trump strikes me as that type of individual.

That means that he cannot be trusted. All his pandering to conservatives has been because it plays in Peoria, and only because it plays in Peoria. Do you actually believe that he's going to be trapped by his own words? Has that stopped him until yet? Have you given a moment's thought that he may only be doing this because it gives him a platform, namely, the highest spot on the Republican ticket? This is a man who was chummy with the Clintons in the 1990s. Can we really believe what he says now?

I'm not an idiot. I know that the next President could dramatically alter the Supreme Court. Yet does that mean that the one elected this November will fill (or be able to fill) all those spots? Not necessarily. It is a bit of a crap shoot, yes, but a one term President may not get a chance to nominate anyone at all to our high court. It happened to Carter you know. We should consider too that, if the GOP loses the Senate, a very real possibility if the top of the ticket loses dramatically and takes the rest of the ballot with him, it won't matter that Hillary is in the White House. I can imagine a scenario where older, liberal or center left justices resign simply to give her the chance to put in place younger liberal or center left justices who may be on the Court until 2050. Has it occurred to you that that might over the long haul shift the Court as significantly as anything else? Granted, conservatives in power have not wielded power so forcefully as they should have. Is that a reason we should potentially give up the Senate to a Hillary inspired group of leftist clones? I think not.

The fact the Donald is a maverick appeals to many American conservatives. I get that. I also get that the bucking bronco could throw its rider in almost any direction. I simply don't care to trust my country to that kind of chance. And that is the risk we run with Donald Trump at the head of our ticket.

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