Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Yes indeed I'm walking

I've known for years that I need to be better about my health. So for about the last two months I've been regularly getting out the door and walking for an hour. It's reached the point where I wake up looking forward to it.

What's wrong with me?

I never expected to actually like exercise. When I've made myself exercise before, at times for several months at a stretch before running out of steam, it was a chore. I had to make myself do it each and every day. Even with activities I like such as curling, it isn't the physical part of the game I like. I never looked forward to a hard sweep. But then this morning when I popped awake at 4:12, I was immediately disappointed that it was too early, too dark yet, to take my walk. Huh?

In fact I'm actually reached the point of challenging my body, of pushing myself further, and wanting to do it. When I began I was walking about 3 1/2 miles in roughly an hour. Then I made up my mind I would ramp it up to 4 miles per hour. Now I'm approaching 5 MPH, just walking at a brisk pace. This morning I hit 4.6 miles in 61 minutes.

While I'm impressed with my efforts I'm also perplexed. Who in the world other than sadists truly like exercise? Here I had been been looking forward to second childhood. Now I'm walking 2 days out of 3 and wanting to. What is happening to me?

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