Sunday, July 24, 2016

The view from almost the Atlantic Coast

Charles Martin Cosgriff reporting this morning from Newark, New Jersey.

Pennsylvania is one long state. It took forever for me to drive through it yesterday. Much of that no doubt was anxiety. Not the bad anxiety of worry but the one that's a kind on anticipation. I mean, it's as far to drive across PA as it is to drive to da UP, and that drive never feels long to me. But I had never driven across Penn's Land. Very mountainy, but beautiful in the lush green of summer.

I think all the city names were, like, 19 letters long. Every exit on Interstate 80 seemed to offer a glimpse of Franklinhillcountytown or Underhillandoverdale. I passed by Punxsutawny, where that obnoxious, all knowing groundhog lives. I thought of checking it out but that anxiety I mentioned kept me going. And had I stopped, I might have killed that overgrown rat and started an incident. It would have gained me laud and honor outside of Pennsylvania I'm sure, but could I have gotten outside the state? Besides, I have to re-cross it Wednesday, so maybe I'll do the deed on the flip flop.

The traffic in New Jersey hasn't been so bad as I expected. Rather light, actually. But we're going to try driving through New York City on Monday as we trek to Boston. Let's see how my car handles I-95 at mid-morning. Of course, it's a rental, so how much do I care?

This has been Charles Martin Cosgriff from Newark, New Jersey.

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