Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A sense of roadway humor

I have to confess, in fact I quite cheerfully admit, that my sense of humor is subtle and goofball. Do you care for some examples? You don't, I'm sure, but I'll offer them anyway.

I drive a lot for my job so I see many signs for many things. Most are ads, but some are for various attractions and activities. Some of course are just plain old road signs. Take for instance, as my son and I were driving to Boston in the heat of last month (July 2016). As we approached an overpass a yellow sign warned us, Bridge may be icy. And I thought, faux incredulously, what, today?

Many of the recreation signs indicate that after a turn and a mile or two you'll find Rolling Hills golf club or some such. I always think, so I'll go that way and find a five iron on the highway?

At times my internal jokes get borderline crass. Not that that stops me from internally making them, mind you. All around Michigan currently are billboards which assert that 1 in 5 children face hunger. I find myself thinking, so turn that kid around.

Yeah, I know. But you did have to choke back a snicker, didn't you?

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