Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vote the White Slate?

I did my civic duty today, as a life long citizen of the City of Detroit. I voted in the primary election.

As per usual, I was greeted (at the legally mandated distance from the voting center) by several folks offering brochures and small placards for candidates and millage questions (none of those latter against the renewals by the way). I was even offered, by a very nice young white man, an embossed and glazed card encouraging me to vote for the candidates on the white slate. I thanked him and moved on towards the ballot box.

What's that? You didn't get your white slate laminated card? That's all right, because I didn't get one either. I did however take a laminated card from a very nice young black man who encouraged me to vote for candidates on the black slate. I thanked him and moved on.

My question now is, who's actually the racist here? The admittedly sarcastic (and that's all) middle aged white guy, or the supporter of an obviously racially charged list of candidates?

Answer me. Because myself and all readers of this little missive know that if the firstly mentioned young white guy actually existed he would be the devil of Hell, despite his demeanor, and I the latent (at best, to be hoped) racist voter. Yet the other young man, the one who actually existed, is simply exercising his First Amendment rights it seems.

All. Racism. Is. Wrong. Until we understand and accept that, we will make no progress on race relations in these United States. And I am personally insulted, as a lifelong and dedicated Detroiter, to be lectured however subtly on my presumed attitude. I believe that might be ageism. I think I'll develop a 'Vote the Bitter Old Guy Slate' for the next election.

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