Friday, September 9, 2016

The lure of the open road

The lure of the open road is as American as apple pie. Driving along a ribbon of highway gives you a real sense of freedom, an optimism about the future which little else can. It speaks directly of potential, of...great. I'm stuck behind a slow moving semi, and I can't pass on this two lane blacktop because there's a line of cars a mile long going the other way. This'll really throw me off schedule...

Stop. That's no good. Start over.

Traversing the highways and byways of our great nation offers a taste of adventure like no other. Motoring along in the hours before dawn, alone with your dreams and expectations, and seeing the endless possibilities before you ignites the imagination. The deep blue sky and the twinkling stars inspire quiet confidence. Headlights illuminate the way through the darkness as the aroma of a freshly manured farmer's field wafts through the window...

No, that's no good either.

You speed along the road, a modern cowboy, literally driving the American economy. The nation runs on your efforts; she survives on your work ethic. Her ideals thrive on your tireless endeavors which make life better gotta be kidding; a red light at 4 in the morning in this hick town? I'd run it but there's probably some redneck county mountie hiding behind a billboard who's nail me for that. Why isn't it flashing yellow at this time of day? I'm really gonna be late now.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm trying to pen an inspirational post and I just don't have it today. I'll try again some other time. Sorry.

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