Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Day after Donald

I didn't watch much of the speeches and parades and paper signings yesterday. Quite frankly, I had things to do such as work. To be sure, I took time last night to read President Trump's Inaugural Address and did not find anything horrifying about it. Other than that, I paid the festivities scant attention.

I've done essentially the same thing with every inaugural since 1985. It's simply not that important, folks. President Trump is neither an ogre nor a savior. Neither it must be admitted was President Obama. History ebbs and flows. The most important thing yesterday was the relatively peaceful transfer of power. But we've seen that many times before. True, it is a hallmark of the American republic. It should be appreciated but it should not get in the way of our daily bread.

I must admit that I shake my head at the way many of my liberal progressive friends obsessed over it. I'm really not trying to be provocative here, but I have to believe that in 2009 and 2013 I felt similarly to how they felt yesterday yet I don't recall churning the facts over and over in mind, among my friends, or on facebook. My guy didn't win. So it goes. I wasn't pleased, but I got on with things.

My point simply is this. There ain't much you or I can do to directly affect the direction of the nation or the world. Cast your vote, write letters or blogs, talk among friends, peacefully protest, live well yourself as an example to others. I think that last point the most salient. Because at the risk of provoking right after I just said I didn't want to provoke, the rest of that too often devolves into mere petulance. I just don't think that's productive at all.

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