Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday rambling

What to say on a Saturday...

Technology really is great. I just spent a half hour messaging back and forth with a friend in the Philippines, in real time. I never imagined something like that would ever be possible in my lifetime. The Philippines were at one time just some islands half a world away. Now they're right on my desktop computer.

Rest in peace Mike Ilitch. I hated that you closed Detroit's Tiger Stadium but I loved your commitment to Detroit. Thank you.

An old customer came into the old barn yesterday. We reminisced on old times and old friends. We talked about Pops and how well he treated people. We talked about a few mundane things like drain snakes; does anyone else even know what a Spartan 71 is? We lamented the aging process. I'm damned glad he came by.

I wish I was curling today. Although there's still about eight weeks left to the season I see the end coming. I haven't had my best season performance wise, but physically I haven't felt so comfortable in years. Amazing what getting into half decent shape does for ya, ain't it?

The WWETT (look it up; I'm not your mother) is in ten days or so. I get to spend four days in Indianapolis and see folks that I only see there. Indy's a great town: it seems bigger every time I'm there, which is often. I really can't wait to get back.

Curling makes lifelong friends. I hadn't curled in Forest, Ontario in about five years until last Wednesday and had three locals come up to me and ask, "How are you, Marty?" Curlers remember curlers. Other than Kate's friend Elaine that is. I'll explain that later.

Since most folks have stopped reading by now, I'll stop writing. So long!


Dave Kursinsky said...

I do know what a Spartan #71 is and in fact still own one I think but havent seen it for a few years. It is on load to a buddy in Ohio. Did The old friend happen to be Roger?

Charles Martin Cosgriff said...

Yes sir!