Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Achy breaky everything

I'm getting old and achy.

I'll miss this curling season when it ends in April. But I'm ready for it to end.

It hasn't been a bad season. We've won our share of games and a couple of bonspiels, and I really like playing the at Tier 55 level. The competition is still good, and you see the same guys often enough that even more and farther flung curling friendships grow. Curling is perhaps the best participation sport out there. You can play it for a long time too; I think the closest comparison to that is golf, and I'm getting that bug as well.

But today my right hip hurts; in fact, it burns a little. My left knee isn't liking me very much this morning either, almost like I've overextended it. If that keeps up I'll have to consider a brace of some sort for next season, or wear one of those baseball catcher's wedges to give it more support. One of the guys has been doing that this year and says it helps.

My right shoulder has been stinging so badly that the last couple of months it often wakes me up at night. I'm sure the sweeping motion from curling isn't helping. And all of this is before recurring lower back pain.

I'd say don't get old but there just aren't many other options to aging. So stay active, get exercise, and keep going. Keep the aspirin and the Tylenol handy while you're at it as well.

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