Thursday, March 2, 2017

Curlmageddon 2017

It's coming. In fact, it begins tonight. Marty is running headlong into Curlmageddon 2017.

I play 20 games, and maybe as many as 24, in the next 17 days. My regular Thursday league game is tonight, them I actually play in two bonspiels (for the uninitiated, a bonspiel is a curling tournament) tomorrow: two games at a tier 55 in Chatham, Ontario followed by the first game of the Wild Goose Bonspiel in Kingsville (also in Ontario). Saturday and Sunday take up the rest of the latter tournament.

I have league games Monday and Thursday next week, then I spare in a league March 10. The week after I play Monday and Thursday as usual, with a two game tier 55 on the 15th and another on the 17th. Then I play in a St. Patrick's bonspiel on Saturday the 18th, another two game set.

Once a season I load up on the curling for a brief spell, and it's nice to do it towards the end because I like to play extra games as the season nears its close. I'll still have three weeks after this stretch, and maybe seven if the Detroit Club extends its season as it is considering. But for this minute, as of 6:45 tonight, Curlmageddon 2017 is on.

I'll keep you posted on the results. Including the anticipated aches and pains which I have no doubt I will experience.

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