Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's easy being green on my dime

Now, I'm really not against going green. Really. But sometimes I think that big business is simply using the idea as a tool, just to save their own green.

Have you noticed that virtually any company to whom you pay regular bills always wants you to go green by going paperless? But do they offer you a buck, even a quarter, off your bill if you do? They don't? Then I say, keep sending me paper bills, darn it. I'm not going to give millionaires, billionaires, something for nothing, solely because they're appealing to supposed popular sentiment.

In like fashion, hotels have begun asking guests, especially those staying more than a day, if they would like to go green by not requesting new sheets or clean towels every day. I've had cards on my pillow saying that I would help the environment if I made my own bed. But what's wrong with this picture? Will I get a few bucks off my room if I do all this and help Big Hotel Chain save money (I'm sorry, 'go green')? I won't? Then make my bed and give me clean towels. It's what I'm paying for. Or how about this: how about I bring all my own towels and linens, and a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies and toiletries, and take care of everything in the hotel room myself and then stay free (or for next to nothing). No? You won't allow that? Then all that talk about going green fails to impress me.

It's easy to do almost anything on someone else's dime. Further, there's nothing wrong with demanding a dime for yourself when you are asked to do someone else's job. You want me to make my own bed and reuse my old towels in a $100 a night hotel? Then knock ten bucks off my tab. Otherwise, you're just being smarmy. I don't appreciate that, especially done with my time on my dime.

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