Sunday, March 19, 2017

Let the readers decide

As is usual during the Roseland St. Patrick's Day bonspiel yesterday, there was a limerick contest. This year's was won as in many years past by yours truly. Yet the great Irish limerick writer took some flack for his entry this time around, even though it was declared the best. I'll reprint it here and let you, the readers, judge its worthiness for first place. Before offering it though I want to say that Nick Keren is a great curler, a fine human being, and a true brother to me. He approves of this jest, emphatically. He will attest to that, and that testament and willingness to be the butt of a joke tells us he is a good guy. But we should never allow positive personal attributes to get in the way of a good joke, should we?

Anyway, here it is: the winning limerick from this weekend's contest:

Our third was a curler named Nick

Whose curling delivery was slick

Yet his sweeping was poor

And his team would get sore

And yell out that 'Nick Keren's a jerk!'

There you have it. Now tell me what you think. But if you disagree you're also a...jerk.

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