Friday, March 10, 2017

Mistrusting Authority

There's an excuse for everything. Everything except government and authority, it seems. We're not big fans of government, especially big government. But we don't mind legitimate authority. Indeed, that's part of what makes us conservative. We recognize that the individual, while usually the the arbiter of what's best for himself, isn't the final arbiter of what's best even for himself. We believe this for a stunningly simple reason: if he were, then he would have the right to punch in the face someone who kept him from what he wanted for whatever reason he wanted. Indeed, he would have the right to punch someone in the face for the sheer pleasure of it. He doesn't, of course. But that's because, if he is well grounded, he recognizes that he is not the ultimate authority on anything. He realizes that there is something beyond himself which he must honor and obey if he is to get along with his fellow man and become a better person. He knows that he is not the end all be all. As such, he will not hold suspect governments and authorities merely because they're governments and authorities. He will realize too that governments and authorities are made up of guys like him and will give them a certain allowance

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