Saturday, March 11, 2017

Winter Wonderland?

Strange weather, eh? Two weeks ago it was in the 60s here in the D and now it's 19. It's supposed to be colder mid-week too.

I think the worst thing about it, and I'll readily confess that for me this is a first world problem seeing as a lot of my fellow Michiganians were and are still without power (a misfortune we have avoided, and best of luck to you all to get power back soon) is that it makes the earlier warmth seem such a tease. In February I was walking to a trade show in Indianapolis in my shirt sleeves. I'm wearing an insulated shirt as I pound out this blog entry. And again, I'm in good shape. I have heat. Still, to get a nice taste of spring warmth and have it taken back is a shock.

Pity the poor folks on the east coast too. Yeah, it's difficult to pity them, but have a heart. They just braved one severe storm and now a nor'easter is streaking their way, due to hit Monday. It's supposed to be a bad one too. At least Detroit is missing out on that.

All I can do now is think baseball. It's coming up very soon and should bring the return of regular warmth when it does. Until then, may your power return quickly and your toes stay warm.

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