Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to study for a test

When our oldest son Charlie was in I believe Fourth Grade they began to give the students final exams on individual subjects. Being good parents who wanted our kids to do well in school, my wife and I would ask him the night before what tests he was having the next day. One night he said it would be math and science, so we took his notes and drilled him on that subject matter. The next day he had social studies and religion; that evening we likewise asked him questions about those subjects. You get the drift.

The third night I approached him and asked what the following day's test would be. "English", he said, so I told him to bring me his study notes. He then explained, "Sister's going to have us read a story we never read before and answer questions about it." Realizing that I couldn't help him with that I gave him permission to go about his business.

About an hour later I wandered into the living room. Charlie was sitting on the couch with a book across his lap. "What are you up to? I asked.

"Just studying for my English test," he answered easily.

Confused, I said, "How can you do that?"

Looking up at me as though the answer was obvious he replied, "I'm reading a story I never read before".

That's dedication.

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