Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Four of a kind, twice

I'm not much on casino gambling. I get the urge to play once every few years, but as soon as I've lost twenty bucks or so I find myself thinking 'this is stupid' and walk away. The winners didn't build the casinos, Pops used to say.

Be that as it is, and it certainly is true, I did venture into a small casino over the weekend. And wouldn't you know, I left it ahead. That makes twice in a row where I've left a casino with more cash than I had brought in.

It wasn't an impressive amount but I have come out eighty bucks ahead the past two trips against the one armed bandits. The time before this, I was dealt four sevens on the first hand and won. I stared at the machine, thinking perhaps that I should play it out. It was free money, right? But then common sense took over: it was my free money. I cashed out and went home.

This past Sunday was my first return to a gambling parlor since that day. I did have to play a few hands that time before getting three jacks, with the fourth coming on the re-deal. Either way, I found myself the winner of another eighty dollars. I cashed out.

Oh, I'm not naive. I know that even with my limited casino experience they're still well ahead of me. Yet the last two times I came out ahead of them, and you can't take that away from me.

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