Saturday, June 4, 2016

The bitterer the betterer

I have taken a great liking to IPAs, India Pale Ales, to the point that I begin to wonder whether they're better than stouts. Further, the more I try double IPAs the more I think those wonderfully bitter quaffs may be even better. The best ones are bitter. Noticeably, tongue bitingly bitter.

I also like black coffee. Heavy, deeply bitter black coffee. I similarly like dark chocolate. Dark brown, bitter chocolate. I sense you may know where I'm going with this: I wonder if at heart I'm a bitter guy.

Although I don't believe in it I would be interested to have myself psychoanalyzed just to see if there's something to that thought. In the mean time, pass me that dark chocolate IPA stout please. And make it snappy, lest I find another reason to be bitter.

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