Friday, July 8, 2016

My doctor is trying to help me. I think.

My doctor laid down the law yesterday. Although my overall health is very good, my blood pressure is too high. Not wanting to give me a prescription without an attempt at 'lifestyle changes' he laid out the gauntlet.

Lose 15 pounds. I guess I saw that coming.

Do not salt any food. That's not too bad as I don't salt much anyway.

Avoid processed food. Okay, that's a toughie. I like quick and easy lunches made from lunchmeats thrown on bread, and often I use no condiments. Not good enough, he says. Har-rumph.

Avoid potato chips. And I really love potato chips; he's really starting to meddle. But I can have one one ounce serving a week.

Avoid red meats (there's a shock) and stop taking Benadryls for my allergies. So I'm trying Claritin on his suggestion. But it's never worked for me before.

No more than two cups of coffee a day, and preferably only one. Come on Doc, you're taking away all the stuff I like most. Heavy sigh. And I ought to have salad for one meal a day. Really? Rabbit food?

I'm told I'll get used to the new rules and begin to enjoy them, and I suppose that's well possible. I do now look forward to my morning walks. Yet they had been followed with coffee and salty breakfasts (hey, I said I rarely salted my food, not that I didn't enjoy salty foods). No more of that. For me, these are very serious alterations to be tossed under the benign banner of lifestyle changes.

Ah well, it's for my own good. I know that, and I want what's for my own good, honest. Yet I can't help wonder what a common blood pressure medicine would cost per month.

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